Deburring Abrasives Rolando Cavazzuti Abrasive wheels


In the ceramic production process, certain utensils, known as “felt discs”, are used for the cleaning of the external border. They are non-woven fabric flap wheels containing very fine abrasive grains of silicon carbide.


The range of tools for this type of use is composed of wheels with an external diameter of 150mm and with a 50mm hole, as well as, in smaller quantities, wheels with an external diameter of 200mm and 76/80mm hole. The most commonly-used thickness is of 40mm, followed by that of 50mm and others of a decreasing thickness.

dimensions abrasive wheel
ø external (mm) 150 200
ø internal (mm) 50 76-80
max speed (rpm) 3200 2500


The density of a wheel depends on the quantity of flap contained therein. With a constant density, the number of flap can vary according to the type of material. With a constant pressure, the lamellae of a soft wheel flex more than those of a greater density. Therefore, a more flexible flap leaves a longer mark upon the worked surface in respect to those that work with the tip.

Cavazzuti Rolando Deburring Soft Abrasive Wheels for Ceramics

Soft wheel

Cavazzuti Rolando Deburring medium Abrasive Wheels for Ceramics

Medium wheel

Cavazzuti Rolando Deburring hard Abrasive Wheels for Ceramics

Hard wheel


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